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A mysterious arp. Some epic pads with bass. Horns and vocals that get stuck in your head. The new Zhu track is my favorite release from him so far.

This collab of Zhu with Tame Impala is called “My Life,” and it is in my mind after listening to it. The drop is the classic Zhu bassline, nothing crazy here.

However, the soundscape he provides for the song really gets me feeling some type of way. The message the vocals are giving is resonating with me at the moment; hope, vision for the future and good times is how this song makes me feel.

I had no idea who Tame Impala were before this song. After some research, I found that they are an Australian psychedelic rock band. Thank god for Wikipedia!

Hearing this natural sound, this song doesn’t feel like its written in a grid like other electronic music. I wonder how they collaborated on it. Did Tame Impala send Zhu some stems and he worked his magic? Were they all in the studio together? What matters is this song is awesome and it getting in my Spotify playlist right now.

Take a listen. Please. This is medicine for the soul:

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