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If you’re looking for a pulse-pounding, fist-clenching banger typical of the rage-friendly duo Yellow Claw, you won’t find it in their new single “Good Day” featuring DJ Snake and Elliphant.

However, you will find a refreshing blend of trance, house and pop that could only be brought to creative fruition by these three artists.

“Good Day” unleashes a message of positivity dating back to the “have my mom call your mom for a play date” days, as personified by the opening lyrics to the song.

Despite its riveting bass-synth beat that makes you want to suit up in a white jacket and aviators while gripping the steering wheel with your leather knuckle-less gloves, “Good Day” really finds its stride at the chorus with a spattering of glitch-pop voice samples, a signature of the popular house artist DJ Snake.

Ultimately, what ties this collaboration together between three vastly different artists is the unique pipes of vocalist Elliphant, whose positive energy radiates through the speakers reminding us of what it means to have a simple, societally untainted good day.

Look out for more of Yellow Claw‘s new album “Los Amsterdam” set to be released on April 7th.

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