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Wolfgang Gartner is finally back! A couple days ago I saw a post of him in half a picture, but I never thought he would have been doing a collaboration with K?D.

This track has me speechless. I listened to it when it randomly came on my Soundcloud. It was so driving and engaging, that I had to hit the play button again.

The synth in the intro is mystical. You can hear Wolfgang‘s grit in it. I am not sure how to explain it, but you can hear his sound in it.

I am not such a big K?D follower but the song I listened from him, “Lose Myself,” is amazing. It gets you in the feelz right away, but so does “Banshee.”

I am curious as to why K?D uploaded the song and not Wolfgang Gartner, since he has more followers. Marketing strategy? Who the fuck knows. What matters is this song’s production blows a bunch of new songs out the water. Original, true to both of their roots, emotional. More music needs to be like this.

Enough with the words. Enjoy the music. Bangers Only.


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