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This big room sound is definitely something we strive for from a Vigel & Ale Q collaboration. Vigel especially is known for his dance enhancers. Most of his singles have crazy drops that you can’t help but jump to.

The amazing vocals of Jack Wilby add a positive sensation to this feel-good track. The title, “Feel So Alive,” couldn’t have been any more ideal. The flow of the track starts off with an upbeat vibe that makes you smile and enjoy life. The beat makes it irresistible not to bounce the whole time, and once the drop hits it makes you feel even more alive than ever.

“Feel So Alive” has the kind of an upper bounce enhancer that even people in comas, would tap their feet to its rhythm.

I personally love hearing tracks like this at big live shows because once the beat drops the whole crowd goes wild. I can never stand still while hearing a dance beat like this one. The natural source of dopamine that this track provides actually gives the energy to dance even after running a marathon.

This is a great track to play in the morning because the positive vibes and upbeat sounds will wake anyone up, way better than coffee.

It’s a great tune to start the day with. Just singing along to the chorus will make you “Feel So Alive.”

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