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With Ultra Music Festival 2017 concluding in Miami comes the joy for all of us that didn’t get to attend the massive festival, the live sets getting posted. UMF is one of the biggest music festivals to take place in our generation, with its huge stage designs and massive attendance every year, the biggest names in EDM showed up and showed out this year. Here are some of the sets we enjoyed listening to from the massive weekend.

1. 4B is arguably one of the most underrated producers in my book; anywhere he plays he always blows the roof off the place but his releases haven’t really been up to par to his sets. It’s not that his production songs aren’t good, it just seems as if he doesn’t release much.

Despite his successful track “Pop Dat” his “Weapons 2.0” EP didn’t see as major of a success as that single did. But 4B does have his live performances covered, with his high energy tunes and tempo, by transitioning old classic build ups like Flosstradamus, RL Grime, Skrillex, Zomboy and Bro Safari into new ID drops. And he didn’t forget the popular rap & hip hop tracks like Migos, Future, Drake, Travis Scott and Fetty Wap along with his classic Jersey bounce club sound. 4B‘s Ultra set could possibly one of the best to come out of the Worldwide stage.  Take a listen to 4B’s full set from Ultra Miami here:

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2. NGHTMRE is another new face to the EDM scene, he had a massive year with releasing nothing but bangers since his break onto the scene. He has had collabs with LOUDPVCK, Dillion Francis, Flux Pavilion, Slander, Zeds Dead… the list goes on. I thought it would be key to pay attention to his Ultra set with as big a year he had and it being his debut at one of the biggest music festivals: I knew he’d come out swinging.

NGHTMRE’s set was nothing short of impressing, but that’s what I expected with someone that’s created so many bangers in just a little time. His set truly stuck to his style with the different sounding rhythms and synths, high energy bangers that just get your body tingling and throat thumping bass. He transitioned bangers into bangers, keeping the tempo high and ranging through all the genres you’d expect from a trap/dubstep producer, making you wish you were there to witness the crowd just losing their minds to it. And he didn’t forget to include popular rap songs with Migos, Kendrick Lamar, D.R.A.M. and Kayne West.

One thing to take note is that he finally put a name to the Aazar track with Lil Jon that has been in every big name trap/dubstep lately. NGHTMRE defiantly had a historic debut, listen to his set in full here:


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3. Dj Snake is another artist who had a massive year and paved a new way for trap/dubstep artists. With his success of “Lean On,” “Turn Down for What,” “Get Low,” “Middle” and “You Know You Like It,” he’s been able to bring his trap/dubstep sound to radios and main stages everywhere. Providing a huge platform for up and coming trap/dubstep producers to get their hit songs played to millions of more listeners which

I’m a huge Dj Snake fan so whenever I get the chance to see him live or watch his live sets via the internet, I’ve noticed he plays mostly the same songs throughout his sets, whether they are prerecorded or pre-planned, I wouldn’t know. But I noticed with this set he totally switched it up, playing songs he hasn’t played live before, which adds a great deal of excitement for Snake fans like me: its not just another set like all his rest. Although he did still play a good amount of usual bangers, the new songs and sounds added in it just added to the flow of the set.

DJ Snake ranged through all the genres. I always like when an artist does that and doesn’t just stick to one genre. He mixed in different styles of music and did not lose flow or tempo: it is really cool to listen to. DJ Snake brought out Lil Jon to perform none other then “Turn Down for What,” and had Future perform his hit songs “Commas,” “Mask Off” and “Jumpman.” It just shows you the magnitude and reach Dj Snake has with all his success to be able to bring out big names to impact his set. Ultra made an excellent choice choosing Dj Snake to close out their 2017 Festival. Listen to his set in full here:

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4. Getter is another artist who had a huge year last year. He was already a bigger name in the dubstep scene, but this last year he really cemented himself in the top of the dubstep charts, and also launched his own label Shred Collective.

With the success of his tracks “Head Splitter,” “Rip n Dip” and his latest EP “Wat The Frick,” Getter hasn’t disappointed with his releases. With “Wat The Frick,” Getter really shows his true talent by not just producing dirty dubstep but his future house twist on “Something New.”

I’ve seen Getter plenty of times so I almost didn’t listen to his set thinking it would be just another typical set of his. But after listening to it, my mind was blown. For all you headbangers out there, you’re going to want to listen to this in full. Getter really sticks to his sound with the different take dubstep sounds and songs that really push the limits of dubstep, more of like an underground dubstep sound. For someone like me who doesn’t particular listen to the dirty, grimey dubstep often, he makes it sound so clean with his transitions and flows into lighter dubstep or rap songs. Getter drops about 3 or 4 IDs that i had to listen to twice over: they were so good. Whether they are his songs or another artists, it makes you excited for whats to come hopefully soon.

Getter is one of my favorite artists hands down and his Ultra set does not disappoint. Take a listen to Getter’s Ultra set in full here:

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5. Tchami is another international genre-bending producer, who has been innovating and pioneering electronic music ever since his explode onto the EDM scene back in 2013. Tchami started using the hashtag ‘future house’ on his SoundCloud posts before it blew up into one of the most commonly known music genres today. After his “After Life'” EP was released, he disappeared for almost a year and recently he’s been coming back swinging.

By headlining almost every electronic music festival all over the states and all over the world, including UMF’s main stage in front of what looked like endless amounts of people, Tchami is back! He has this uplifting soothing sound to his songs, with a bit of a future, dubstep-ish twist to it which makes his tracks so much more different and intriguing. He pulls you in with his angelic vocals he has always laid on the track and grabs your emotions with his deep chords and hard-hitting bass. What a better way to to cap off the best sets with Tchami’s soothing sound that makes you want to nod your head and get your heart beat going. Listen to Tchami’s main stage performance in full here:

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