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LOUDPVCK is back with another volume of their SOUNDPVCKS series, and this time they’ve enlisted the help of genre-bending drummer and producer Travis Barker. This edition of the SOUNDPVCKS Artist Series includes 100s of samples of drum loops, fills, and one-shots recorded by one of the most legendary drummers of all time; Travis Barker of Blink-182, The Transplants, Box Car Racer and more. This kit was custom made and expertly curated to work for any genre of music at any tempo. You’d be hard pressed to find a collection of drum samples like this anywhere else. It can help any producer or DJ take the drums in their productions to the next level.

SOUNDPVCKS is a music production web store curated and created by LOUDPVCK as the first sample kits for artists that are created by the artists themselves. SOUNDPVCKS are for all music lovers. They are perfect for any musician, DJ, producer, or fan alike. The duo have handcrafted a variety of high quality sounds including penetrating drums, hypnotizing loops, and cutting-edge samples to be used at your disposal.

“Since we were kids we dreamed of having Travis Barker play drums on one of our songs,” says LOUDPVCK. “This SOUNDPVCKS kit gives anyone with a laptop the ability to collab with one of the greatest musicians of our time.”

“I’m excited to be opening up my personal library of drum sounds to the world,” says Travis Barker.  “As a producer myself, I know the value of a hard-hitting sample kit. LOUDPVCK and I wanted to make sure we delivered the most versatile and easy to use sound pack possible, created for producers by a real musician.”

The Travis Barker SOUNDPVCKS is available now at

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