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I love it when I find songs that give me “tha feels,” and this banger from Touch Sensitive definitely does. The track has been around for ages (it’s from 2013!), but it has something that touches you in the heart – perfect throwback for a Thursday.

I came across this randomly, from listening to his track with Anna Lunoe, “Real Talk.” Australia has some great talent, and that side of the world never ceases to amaze me.

These analog-like sounds really grabbed my ear. Whether they were made with actual hardware or not, does not really matter. What does matter is the emotion that the hook gives me when I listen to it. It gives me hope, strength, and a sense of moving forward in my life. I love it.

The vocals and this moogy bassline really move the tune forward, taking you in a journey with this Pizza Guy. The break is also dreamy and warm, and teases the drop successfully.

I really wonder what inspired the title of the track, but the video clip is really cool and funny. It is a story of a pizza guy that instead of delivering pizzas, he delivers vinyl in a pizza box. I think it’s really clever and original. You can also spot some familiar faces in there from Future Classic (like Flume at 3:20).

If you like analog-style house production look no further. I hope this track touches you, like it touched me in my heart.

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