The Magician drops banging new house track in collaboration with Kideko, ‘Jalisco’

Belgian DJ and Producer Stephen Fasano AKA The Magician has teamed up with UK artist Ryan Hurley AKA Kideko for a brand new house track that is so vibrant it may possibly adjust the axis of the earth and make it summer all year round. Unabashedly ‘dad-core’ Fasano and slick Hurley have proven with their new track, ‘Jalisco’, that they make a great team and that they are ready to fill out dancefloors while also keeping it old-skool with retro brass lines and island rhythms.

While the word ‘Jalisco’ is the name of a town in Mexico, it is also said to be slang for being absolutely sloshed, which one can certainly picture many people being while partying to this hot number. Although the pair fill the track with a retro sexiness, they manage to keep the tune on par with contemporary sounds; a mean feat, but it seems that these two exceptional artists have managed to bring the world a piece of music that is simultaneously, nostalgic, timeless and modern.

Listen to the new track from The Magician and Kideko, ‘Jalisco’, below.  



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