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The talented Canadian duo, Still Young, brought back Bob Marley‘s classic “Is This Love” with an electronic twist. They transformed the reggae tune into a funky dance hit. For this reason, the powerful vocals from the past are touching souls around the world once again. Meanwhile, the trumpet-like sounds add a funky vibe to make this a one of its kind house banger.

Steve Angello has been a great supporter and mentor throughout the success of Still Young. As a matter of fact, we can enjoy this electrifying banger thanks to his record label SIZE.

Have you ever felt a strong connection towards someone, consequently not being able to focus on anything else. Meanwhile, asked yourself what is the meaning of this feeling?       Is this love? What is love?

This bouncy melody takes you back on that journey of wonder. For that reason, it will make you want to feel love, be in love, and/or be loved all over again.

The progressive house beat is super catchy. No doubt, after listening you will ask yourself if it’s love that you are feeling towards it.

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