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Spring Awakening Music Festival

Held annually in Chicago, IL, Spring Awakening Music Festival took place from June 12-14 this year. The festival, which used to be a small two day event, has grown in the past 4 years into an annual 3 day music festival featuring some of the biggest names in EDM, both national and international. This year SAMF added a fourth stage, an 18+ age limit, several themed stages and had the return of Silent Disco which is a unique and popular festival feature.

Spring Awakening Exclusive Artist Mix Series

To get SAMF goers even more excited for 2015, React Presents launched an Official Spring Awakening 2015 Mix Series. Each week for 5 weeks, a new mix set was released. The SAMF 2015 Mix series featured 30-60 minute mixes from SAMF artists. The mixes were nice because a few reasons. One, you didn’t have to create your own festival mix; two, a new one came out every week; and three, they were bomb! A perfect way to promote the artists and the festival, the mix series is sure to continue next year.