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Last week we wrote about a possible subscription fee to use SoundCloud. Well, it has officially been announced. SoundCloud will soon require a subscription to use the popular music streaming site. Co-founder and CTO of SoundCloud, Eric Wahlforss has confirmed that the platform will implement its subscription service before the end of this year. Not set date has been declared yet.

This information came about thanks to emails that were leaked from SoundCloud. According to the leak, and, “SoundCloud’s new subscription service will consist of two tiers. On the first, subscribers will get an ad-free experience, with the ability to listen to audio and download a set amount of music. The second tier has the working title of ‘SoundCloud Full Catalog Subscription Service’, and would give subscribers unlimited access to its music.” With the first tier model, Labels will make an extra 18 cents each month on each user and an extra 80 cents per user for the full catalog option if the user base is higher than the revenue or sound recording rights.

Enjoy using SoundCloud for free while you still can.

[Via: Tech Times]


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