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Solarstone’s new album, ‘. – – – -’ is finally out.

In order to honor Solarstone’s successful career, first I would like to focus on my favorite one of his magnificent productions from the past.

“The Spell” is a legendary vocal trance banger that is 100% uncorrupted PURE TRANCE enchanted by the voice of Clare Stagg.

In fact, it was the first track out on Solarstone’s forthcoming 2012 studio album, “Pure,” which was mainly a reaction to the fragmentation of the trance sound and the vocal point for the Pure Trance movement.

Solarstone always took pride in creating #PureTrance hits with trance only running bass, and bleep-fueled lead lines that stay true to the genre.

This banger hypnotized me the second I heard it for the first time. It was a lazy Saturday morning when my brother blasted this super loud in our house speakers. The lyrics caught my attention right away because I was able to relate to them at the time. Since I refused to get up, this was the only method that actually got me out of bed and fed me energy for the whole weekend.

This Pure Trance original has a one of a kind melody: not to mention the motivating vocals.

After all these years Solarstone still managed to stay true to his sound and genre of focus.

Below you can check out Solarstone’s new album tracklist:

01.Leap Of Faith (7:02)
02. Eclipse (6:03)
03. Untitled Love (with Rabbii) (5:21)
04. Choosing His Angels (with Alex Karweit) (4:41)
05. Slowmotion IV (with Orkidea) (6:44)
06. I Found You (with Meredith Call) (5:11)
07. A State Of Mind (7:30)
08. Cafuné (8:00)

You can actually hear how Solarstone continues his trace of deep tones and stays loyal to one theme throughout the album.

Solarstone’s new album ‘. – – – -’ is available to purchase/listen here.

You can follow Solarstone on his social links below:

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