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Slander, despite playing shows for their fraternity since 2010, has really seen some great success the past couple of years. Coming straight out of Orange County, their story and quick rise to fame is quite inspiring. The duo has crafted their own genre called ‘Heaven Trap’ and have gained a lot of attention and following through this creation.

Teaming up with another up and coming name, Basstrick, their mix – thanks to Basstrick’s heavy dubstep and Slander’s trap sounds – is a beautiful blend. I fell in love with “Drop It” right off the bat; it brings those dark, deep vibes that make you want to just bang your head.

This track steers clear of Slander’s heaven trap style. I love when artists switch it up and make songs of different genres, it really shows their producing talent and knowledge. The first initial drop is absolutely crazy, the chest pounding bass and kicks with the echoing synth is so good. It’s hard not to nod your head with the beat. Quickly switching the drums and kicks up to more of a house vibe is something you don’t expect at all considering how hard the first drop is. With a hint of little dubstep sounds sprinkled throughout “Drop It,” it is truly a beautiful mix of multiple different genres and vibes throughout the track: executed so well by the three DJ’s.

I would love to see more of this genre-bending type song produced by genre-bending names. I think it really brings a breath of fresh air to the scene.

You can download “Drop It” for free here.

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Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | SoundCloud

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