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 I really have not been on my new music’ game lately. Until a few days ago, I was in a little bit of a rut. I think this was because I was not leaving my normal favorite genre of music. But then I discovered “Mandelbug” by I am Sid and GRAX and BOOM! Rut over. 

When I came across “Mandelbug” I found myself actually really feeling the edgy, dark cinematic track. I’m not normally into ominous electronic music (although I am a sucker for good bass). I’ll definitely listen to harder EDM when I’m at festivals and such, but never on my own. I like more of the ‘feel like you’re floating through the clouds over a beach’ type vibe.

“Mandelbug” is completely out of my realm of music, but I got chills while listening to the song. At one point I felt like I moving through a haunting video game, but was not scared at all. Just listening to “Mandelbug” made me feel badass.

If you are a fan of REZZ, don’t sleep on I am Sid; you’ll be obsessed. He teamed up with GRAX to create this thrilling, sinister track and it truly had me wondering what it is like inside the two Italian producers’ heads.

This track is I am Sid’s first release of 2017. “Mandelbug” was released on April 26th, which is World Intellectual Property Day. The main objective was the encouragement of creative activity: which he definitely encourage me to do! Now I want to create something (although it won’t be nearly as cool).


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