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Shaun Frank is a new name to me. I hadn’t listened to any of his songs before “No Future.” After hearing this song, however, I was drawn to Frank’s SoundCloud and checked out his other tracks. This is what any artist wants to get with their songs: the gain of new listeners.

When I first listened to this track I was captivated by the chords Shaun Frank lays down in the build up; it just screams summer to me. Along with that, “No Future” has that future house bounce synth that makes you want to tap your foot and nod your head wherever you are. The tropical/future house sounds and chords always provide for a good song you can vibe to if it’s executed right; which Shaun Frank does so well in this track.

To top it off, “No Future” features the beautiful vocals of Lauren Dyson. She has been featured on multiple other hit dance songs throughout the years. I think most of us can relate to the lyrics in “No Future” well adds. They add a whole new level to the song, grabbing you emotionally.

This track has got all the goods, from the vocals to the bounce and the tropical vibes, “No Future” is a beautiful, well-produced song.


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