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Leave The Light On is Sailor & I’s newest EP, featuring 2 songs, ‘Leave The Light On’ and ‘A Tiger In My Hands.’

Alexander Sjodin, who is Sailor & I is said to use music as a form of escapism and “his distinctive voice, itself a standout feature of all his work to date, lends heart to the track too, relaying a sense of emotional immediacy sometimes lost in translation on records that look to strike a chord within both live and electronic settings.”

‘Leave the Light On’, which begins with soft and hazy acoustics along with a head nodding bassline creates a lazy, out of body feel.

Joris Voorn remixed ‘Leave The Light On’ not only more than doubling the length of it, but also taking the already hypnotizing song to a trance like dance level.

When listening this remix, all thoughts disappear and everything will melt away.


Leave The Light On EP is out now via The Invention of Loneliness and can purchased here.

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