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When I first came across “Sleepless” by ruchir, I was drawn to it simply because of its name. This is because of two reasons. One, I often find myself sleepless because I can never calm my mind down enough to switch into that other phase of consciousness; and two, because I love “Sleepless” by Flume, so any song with that name is worth listening to in my book (just because it shares a name with one of my favorite songs).

After listening to the track I can now say this: songs with that name have yet to disappoint.

“Sleepless” starts out with the smooth, sultry vocals of Emma Sameth. Accompanied by a piano, Sameth pulls you in close and provides and warm, relaxing feeling. The beat drops next and you’re hit with euphoric synths that awake the senses, right before it cuts back to Sameth’s tranquilizing voice. This back and forth continues throughout the song. 

The juxtaposition of the two makes for unique, future bass banger.

Ruchir notes this about his track on his SoundCloud:

with sleepless, i just wanted to capture the delusions you have when you desperately long for someone or something, and through the contrast between the drop and break, paint a picture of an alternative dream like reality, only to eventually come crashing out of it in the outro.

Listen to “Sleepless ft Emma Sameth” below and grab the free download here.


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