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Do you want to make music like Dirtybird‘s label boss, Claude Von Stroke? Here is your chance at some insight on how leader of all Dirtybirds does his production.

In this video sequence, Claude is deconstructing his track, “Le Fantome,” using Ableton Live and Reason.

These production classes are great if you want to gain some insight into how artists you aspire make their productions. Claude is showing some cool tricks, such as using Ableton’s delay function to start tracks before or after they were meant to. It really gives glide to his hi-hats and bass.

Another cool trick I grabbed from this was that he doubles his bass patch over two tracks, and lowers the volume. According to Claude, it makes the bass bigger. You do not get the same result if the volume is increased on one track.

Enough with the details though! Check out the full clip yourself below!


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