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One of the best things to happen last year was Porter Robinson dropped his sophomore LP Worlds, the audio equivalent of an 80’s children fantasy fiction book. Worlds was an easy CD to put on replay and get lost to for hours on end with your headphones and your imagination. Unfortunately, times change and its very hard to listen to the same cd for forever so begrudgingly we moved on listening to new music while every once in a while getting excited when ‘Flicker’ came up on our playlist. However, there is finally something to look forward to again, the ‘Worlds Remixes’ has a cop date around the corner (Oct 10th) and, Its featuring remixes by exactly the right people for the job. To make news even better, a few songs have dropped just to wet our ear buds and keep them anticipating later next month. Matt Zo returns to remix ‘Flicker’ which is near impossible to dislike if you liked the dous more famous collaboration, ‘Easy’ and ODESZA remixes ‘Divinity’ the way only ODESZA can, into the perfect song to chill to.

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