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Paul van Dyk and Ronald Van Gelderen created this dreamy electronic melody for all the trance lovers to enjoy. They included meaningful lyrics with vocals by Gaelan and Eric Lumiere in order to express the importance of love in everyone’s life.

This banger reminds us that everyone deserves to find love, and I couldn’t agree more. In short, everyone who needs love is looking for someone to love. However, sometimes people are too blind to see who is right in front. So they end up questioning themselves if the special someone is out there somewhere.

Even though we sometimes doubt ourselves, we have to remember that we are all worthy of a love experience. We just have to remember not to give up or get discouraged too easily. We are all humans with different dreams, who will all get a chance to find love under different circumstances.

-Lost in space, it’s out there somewhere searching for you, and at the right moment, LOVE will find you.-

In addition, “Everyone Needs Love” gained its edge with the increased tempo of the VANDIT mix. Throughout, the bouncy beats and lower frequency bass flow fit perfectly together to create a club dance hit.

Paul van Dyk is a German Grammy Award-winning DJ, record producer and musician. He is also known as one of the fathers of trance music who started producing in the early 1990s. His passion for electronic music keeps him on top with his talented productions. He is one of my favorite artists of all time. In fact, thanks to his early music I fell in love with the sound of trance.

While releasing “Everyone Needs Love,” Paul van Dyk said: “as much as I thought I understood love, I’ve learned considerably more these last nine months. In more ways than I could imagined, love made a battle worth fighting. Had it not been there for me, I’m not sure I’d be here today.”

Paul van Dyk recently got married to the love of his life Margarita, who helped him understand the true meaning of love.

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