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Moon Boots is a house and nu-disco music producer. In fact, he made a breakthrough by becoming a founding member of the influential French Express collective. Moon Boots made a name for himself by creating a unique sound that is purely relatable to him. With that said, he stays away from the typical house beats and tries to focus on his originality.

Furthermore, he is taking his sound globally by taking on some of the world’s best clubs and music festivals.

Once again, the Anjunadeep family has made room for Moon Boots in their record label house. The welcoming ceremony began with Moon Boots’s first single “Tear My Heart” from his debut album “First Landing.” Meanwhile, the homecoming is in progress as the full album is soon to be released on the Anjunadeep record label.

Overall, this banger has a very fun melody and bassline that softly mix together. Ultimately, taking the listener into musical outer space. Meanwhile, Lulu James’s warm vocals complete the launch.

Moon Boots exchanges his Brooklyn, NY sneakers for moon boots every time he plays music.  Meanwhile, every time I listen to his music I feel like I’m being lifted as if there was no gravity. The reason for this is the melodic tune Moon Boots incorporates into his music. Including, sounds that are very light and soft, literally making me feel like I’m in space.


You can follow Moon Boots on his social links below:

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