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Combining house and rap can be a hit or miss, especially when it involves a remix of a rap song. Both genres have similar qualities: using prominent bass drum and heavy electronic synthesizers. Because of that, you would think house and rap would easily mesh, but, I have seen instances where the two end up clashing with each other and one song overpowers the other.

Other times, the genre mix can work and make something spectacular. Example: The catchy beat of Migos‘ chart-climbing hit, “Bad and Boujee.” The song caught ZHU’s attention, resulting in a smooth and sexy remix of the original. ZHU’s track stays in sync while gradually speeding up to the right pace and marries the two beautifully.

My favorite part is when ZHU jumps in with his vocals slowing the tempo down into a euphoric trance for a couple lines and then returns back to the mix. I recently found out that ZHU sings most of the vocals in his tracks and was blown away when I saw him perform live for the 2017 Buku Festival in New Orleans. It’s always a treat when an artist can do both.  

You can download the track here by clicking the ‘More’ tab.

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