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Metaself’s latest release, “It’s Okay/Process,” reminds us that being creative is just that: a process, and it’s okay.

While we wait for Metaself to work on his sixth full-length EP, he dropped these two fun tracks to fill the void.

“It’s Okay” starts off slow with the sound of deep breathing (which becomes an integral part of the beat) before slipping into Metaself’s signature glitchy, live instrumental hybrid sound. The song alternates between a nu jazz, ambient sound, and an energized IDM beat. 

While the tempo does pick up at times, overall “It’s Okay” is relatively tame in sound compared to its frenzied counterpart, “Process.” The latter of the two songs is fast-paced, upbeat and resembles something you’d hear in a racing section of a video game.

Together, the songs bring to mind the creative process: slow at first, then increasingly manic as you begin to relax, fully allowing your creative energy flow.

Dylan Sonderman has been creating experimental electronic music since 2004. Then, in 2015 he began releasing his music under the name of Metaself. Since then, Metaself has evolved with every release and plans to continue to do so by challenging itself and listeners with fresh and mind-expanding music.

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