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Matthew Koma’s new song, “Hard To Love,” has been a massive hit worldwide and is being remixed by many popular EDM artists. One of these artists is Tiesto and his remix was one that will stay on your playlist for a long time. 

The most intriguing element of “Harder to Love” is that this was not a normal Tiesto remix. In this remix, he used the style of Big Room EDM. Big Room, is a popular EDM style that involves Heavy bass drops, musical instrument elements and trance buildupsKoma’s song and vocals were already amazing, but combining that with Tiesto’s expert DJ skills made for a life changing track.

It was especially interesting to watch Tiesto get out of his comfort zone and explore the Big Room style with his remix. This track is one that you definitely do no want to miss out on listening to.

Matthew Koma is an American singer/DJ from Seaford, New York. His style is unique from many musical artists as he writes his own music, sings his own lyrics and also DJ’s his own beats in most of his songs. He also helped the artist, Zedd, write his Grammy award winning song, “Clarity.” Koma is known for his soothing voice in his songs, catchy/genius lyrics and his electronic based DJ skills.

You can follow Matthew Koma on his social links below:

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