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Markus Schulz is known for his trance masterpieces of the centuries. He is considered one of the best progressive trance producers in the world. Schulz has been making epic music for over 25 years. However, his alias creation of Dakota shows a darker techno focused side that was not heard from him before.

Schulz mentioned that his Dakota show is like a dark dancefloor musical about a story of enlightenment. He named it Nine Skies because it is made up of nine chapters. Furthermore, it shows how people evolve as souls throughout life. Each chapter of the show has its own musical theme that creates a life-changing experience for the attendees.


Source: Bandsintown

I can honestly say that I have seen Schulz perform a live set at least 15 times at festivals and shows in different locations around the world. I loved every set for the uplifting trance and house dance vibe that he always delivered. When I experienced the Dakota show at DreamState I can honestly say it was nothing like the previous shows by Schulz. Yet, it was one of the most intriguing shows ever. It took me to another level of respect for this talented artist. He is definitely one of my favorite DJs and I will never get enough of his music productions

“Running Up That Hill” on Coldharbour Recordings is a perfect banger that shows how amazing the exchange of the Dakota experience really is. The deep tech beat takes us into a sensual zone of the unknown. Nevertheless, it keeps us wondering and wanting more the whole time. Hair rising and goosebumps are unavoidable once we hear the chorus vocals by Bev Wild. All the while we are hypnotized by the enchanting melody of this masterpiece.

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