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What a banger. When I heard this for the first time last year, it really got me groovin’. A perfect throwback track that ASDEK flipped, with the original coming from Mariah Carey. Perfect house tune for a throwback on Thursday.

If you are not familiar with ASDEK, it is a duo from France that is recently getting exposure. With numerous releases on big channels on Soundcloud, the duo scored an awesome remix on Confession, reworking Dombresky‘s track, “Utopia.” Most of their tracks are free downloads, and you can snag them through Soundcloud.

The bass of the production really grabbed me. The track starts out with a big bassline hitting you in the face, as the percussion and a reverbed vocal follow up. The atmosphere of “music from the shadows,” that they try to promote is there. It is magical, it takes you places, it makes me want to dance. I can definitely tell they are going for a more Confession-style productions, and I hope they make more.

Not known in the western hemisphere, I hope they finally get some tour dates stateside. I would love to see them live at Concord Music Hall in Chicago, and I am sure many others would enjoy it. Maybe Tchami can bring them here for a show? ASDEK , we would love to have you in Chicago.

You can snag this free download here.

You can follow ASDEK on their social links below:

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