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Manila Killa, and his Moving Castle pal AOBeats, finally released new original music with a track called “I’m OK.” However, I know I’m definitely way more than okay now that this song is out. If you’re a die-hard Manila Killa fan like I am, this song will not disappoint!

AOBeats and Manila Killa came together to create this work of art that I’ve had on repeat for days now. “I’m OK” is a song that never ceases to put me in a great mood because of its upbeat drop that hypes me up every time. Fun fact, If you’re wondering why the tune sounds familiar, it’s because he’s used this drop in a mashup with “Roses” by The Chainsmokers in his Hard Summer set.

Other than sounding great, the lyrics are also very powerful. “I’m OK” is an empowering song about someone who actually isn’t heartbroken when a relationship ends. It talks about someone who isn’t going to dwell on the past and let every little thing sadden them just because it reminds them of their ex. It’s definitely refreshing to hear a song like this instead of the typical “I’m sad because we broke up song.”


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