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“Believer” by Major Lazer & Showtek is a definite must have #banger on every EDM lover’s playlist.

When listening to this track, don’t be silly by trying to get comfortable sitting down and don’t get thrown off by the chill slow vibe at the beginning. Instead, you should get your shuffle shoes on and get ready because this banger will make you dance!

I would like to remind you that “Believer” was created by Diplo, Jillionaire, and Walshy Fire. This crazy trio is also known as Major Lazer. When you take a creative hardstyle beat bunch like Major Lazer and collaborate them with Showtek you know the outcome will be something crazy that you might blow out your speakers with. (The Drop is way worth it though.)

The lyrics add a fun funky vibe to the whole banger. If you believe in yourself or something hard enough you can have it all. Just believe.

Turn up the volume and rage with Major Lazer & Showtek.

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