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Long for the days of summer, with SACRE’s latest house-groove, ‘07:00PM Vahine’

Parisian duo, SACRE have released their latest single, ‘07:00 PM Vahine’ via their own imprint Palmtree Hotel, and you can trust us when we say that it’s a bop.

SACRE cite an eclectic mix of influences, when it comes to their style, that span across a variety of creative mediums; the duo are inspired by quality modern indie-pop artists such as Tame Impala, Jungle, iconic old-school acts like Rodriguez and The Beach Boys, experimental French electronic artist SebastiAn, avante garde filmmaker David Lynch, classical composer John Williams and fashion designer Iris van Herpen, to name a select few. As for their own sound, SACRE could best be compared to the likes of Møme and Le Couleur.

A perfect blend of pop appeal, R&B melodies and the all round stellar house production, SACRE manages to hit all the right notes with ‘07:00 PM Vahine’. It’s mostly a great pop track, but as soon as the hook hits, it’s evident that the track finds its roots in house beats. An intricately layered masterpiece, SACRE’s latest hit will find it’s home on pop radio charts while simultaneously filling up dancefloors across the globe.  

On their new single release, SACRE comment, “A sweet arsonist stripper on the run, an ancient love stone, an irritating psychic, the first wedding of a mute gas attendant, the very famous coconut bar, dark mavericks from mount Olympus…A simple night that everyone will forget. This is Love Revolution, the new odyssey of SACRE.”

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