Lane 8 – “Little Voices” [This Never Happened]

I have been waiting for this song to be released for a long time now! Lane 8 is one of those producers that grabs you in the feelz. No other word to describe “Little Voices,” a track that we saw live at Phoenix Lights this year.

Arpeggios that never stop, angel-like vocals that touch your heart, combined with those punchy Lane 8 kicks, create an atmosphere that I could only imagine in my dreams.

It is magical, encompassing and full of emotions. It is Lane 8.

If you listen to the whole piece, you will hear how he builds up his productions. Using automation and some effects, Daniel focuses on writing touching melodies first, before he dresses the track with more sounds. If the main riff is not making you tap your leg, then it is not a banger.

However, this track is amazing. Thank you for the memories.

Take a listen to this magical journey through space and time, taking place in your iPhone headphones (or whatever device you had the chance to listen this on).

You can follow Lane 8 on his social links below:

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | SoundCloud



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