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KSHMR’s new song, “Strange Lands,” has been released via his YouTube channel on May 28th. The song, which is available for free download, has strange vocals with a distorted voice fused with Arabian kind of music. KSHMR has given an Indian-Arabian feel to his tune. “Strange Lands” has a progressive build and a gigantic drop so good that you’ll surely want to dance to the song.

Niles Hollowell Dhar aka KSHMR is an American born Indian DJ/Producer raised by Kashmiri migrants. KSHMR is an abbreviated form of Kashmir, a state which is disputed by India and Pakistan and actually governed by India. His parents and grandparents are Indian and the on-going disputes made him use the state name as his stage name. He started by producing songs that portrayed the kind of terrorism which is practiced by the militants in Kashmir. His official video “Jammu” says it all.

If you take notice, the Indian DJ has a unique element in all of his songs. There is a fusion of Indian tunes and Hindi/Punjabi/Kashmiri vocals in his music. Songs like “Dharma,” “Bazaar,” “Mandala” and “Invisible Children” says it all. He also has a fair share of Indian fan following and the credit somewhere lies in his historical connection with India and the kind of music that totally sounds Indian. KSHMR made his breakthrough by collaborating with Tiesto on the track “Secrets”  and then Tiesto introduced him at the main stage at UMF 2015. After performing with Tiesto he came into the limelight and started gaining followers. Since then KSHMR has been in DJ Mag’s Top 100 list and is continuously moving upwards.

Due to his special connection with India, KSHMR has been performing on the main stage each year since 2015 on the famous Indian EDM festival Sunburn (held in GOA each year) on the New year’s eve. KSHMR has been very emotional with his music and each time he brings his dadaji (grandfather) on the stage.

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