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Kaskade has been a huge contributor to the evolution of house music. Beginning in the early 2000’s, he has in my opinion always been ahead of his time. “Never Sleep Alone” was released from his album “Automatic” in 2015 and provides a balance of heavenly vocals from Tess Comrie and adrenalin releasing tones building up throughout the track.

The music video that was released displays Kaskade, himself, floating around town and sleeping on a white bed dressed in white clothes. While slumbering away he is surrounded by people who are going through different life scenarios symbolizing the title of his song “Never Sleep Alone.”

The lyrics are expressive and poetically paired with the bouncy harmonious beats Kaskade is well known for. While I may not know what Kaskade’s interpretation of these lyrics are, I love how versatile they are and can mean something different to each individual in some sort of way.


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