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Who can ever forget this amazing banger by the one and only Kaskade. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, EDX dropped “Angel On My Shoulder” with a unique sound making it an all-time favorite banger for millions. “Angel On My Shoulder (EDX Radio Edit)” is a banger for the books, like a first true love you never forget.

The lyrics are too real and could be interpreted in many ways. They describe an unappreciated love story about two people who hold each other for support until life happens, and one side gives up ruining what was built, making it hard to hold on any longer.

This can also relate to the obvious story of the angel on one side, and the devil on the other side of a person’s shoulders. Making each decision difficult. The angel is always a safe choice but it has less to offer, the devil, on the other hand, is a hot bribe and makes his offers attractive.

“Angel On My Shoulder (EDX Radio Edit)” reminds us all that no matter what choices we make, we are the only ones truly in control of our life.     

Whenever I hear this with my friends we just can’t help it but have an amazing time. We literally drop whatever we are doing just to dance or sing along to this genius sound. That actually happens very often and we will never get tired of this banger.

What is truly right and what is wrong?

One thing is right for sure, and that’s playing this banger right now.

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Patty Siatkowska

When I don't know what to say, I play a song that speaks for me.

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