Janus Rasmussen From KIASMOS Releases Debut Solo Album ‘Vin’

Well known for being one half of critically acclaimed techno duo KIASMOS, Scadanavian producer, Janus Rasmussen has released his debut solo album Vin on 29 March filled with 12 instrumental tracks rich with an array of warm house beats. 

The entire album was recorded in Reykjavík, Iceland though the man himself hails from Faroe Islands. Rasmussen found his love for music by getting together with friends and just make what they could. Using primitive software that kept crashing. But in that Rasmussen found exactly what he would be willing to cope with just to be able to carry out his passion for music making. 

Starting on a slower tempo and growing out from there, the album takes you on tour of house genres. From tender emotional tracks to bassier dance floor foot-stompers to get you moving – all while maintaining Janus Rasmussen’s experimental edge. Taking inspiration from acts like Radiohead, Aphex Twin and Leonard Cohen, he says of the process “I often work really quickly and I tend to be drawn to really strange ideas. I have this kind of obsession with finding something that really should not work and make it work. It’s very satisfying.

From this album, Rasmussen has already released two singles, namely ‘Green Wine’ and ‘Lilla’, which gave us a great idea about the artist’s direction with this album. As for the tracks that follow, ‘March’ and ‘April’ follow in same deep house vein as ‘Lilla’. While ‘14’ and onwards presents a switch in vibe and urges movement. It’s masterfully diverse and each track conjures up images in one’s mind of what the music might look like if it were to take physical shape.  

Album Tracklist:
01. Green Wine
02. Lilla
03. March
04. April
05. 14
06. Orange
07. Pliant
08. 87
09. Wisp
10. Kilju
11. Hue

12. December

Listen to Vin here.

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