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It seems that music is getting harder to obtain, which is such a shame, but officially for the people of the UK, iTunes is now illegal.

Say what?!

The theory is that devices such as iPods rely on copy-written music, such as music ripped from a CD, and gives artists and members of iTunes no compensation in return as it would otherwise.

Ultimately, this law requires people to buy multiple formats of the same music to listen to it in different ways, and does not allow them any way to backup the music they purchase.

While the British government claims that even under this new law it is unlikely for someone to get trouble for ripping their CDs, with these new legal actions it seems like the possibility has risen.

With the upcoming of things like the soon-to-be SoundCloud subscription services, and now laws like this, music is becoming more of a hassle to get. What’s next?

For now we can only hope that these legal actions do not become contagious and catch on in other places of the world.

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