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Let the funk live! I heard this song when it came out this past month, and it really shook me out of my seat in my wrangler. I was pretty sad at the time, and this track randomly came on from my Soundcloud feed and made me forget all about my problems. GRiZMATiK is the best combination of GRIZ‘s saxophone and Gramatik‘s groove – you can’t go wrong with this!

The piece really gets you with the pumping vocals saying “hey yeahh” and then when the beat hits, it’s bonkers. Punchy percussion, and this lead from the saxophone gives you the feels. The song progresses towards the drop with the classic “GRiZMATiK” vocal shot. This grungy bass in combination with the horns puts a big smile on my face. It is funky, it is dancey, it touches me in my soul.

The piano break with the saxophone also gives you the feels. I feel nostalgic by listening to this, thinking of an age where I had no worries – just me, myself and I, riding my bike in Greece. Good times and good vibes.

I always liked Gramatik, but I was never such a big fan of GRIZ. I always thought he was too dirty dubstep for me, until I saw him live recently. I greatly enjoyed the set, as it was my type of groove. I love funk, especially when it is combined with some ’90s style hip-hop. That is why you can not go wrong with GRiZMATiK, it is the best of both worlds!

The track is available online here, and you can choose to donate with the download. All proceeds go to ACLU.

You can follow GRiZMATiK on his social links below:

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