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I was waiting for the release of “Inhalant Abuse” for a long time; Getter is one of my personal favorites. I follow Getter and watch recaps of his shows and this song was dropped a lot, for a good reason.

The thing I love about Getter is you never know what he’s going to make. His strong suit is defiantly dubstep (that’s how he made his rise to stardom, with his face melting dubstep). But with this song, it’s so out of the ordinary with sounds it’s hard for me to elaborate and identify what the sounds even are. But that’s why I love it! (And why I again, love Getter; you never know what he’s going to drop next.)

“Inhalant Abuse” keeps the simple drum and kick in the background, while bringing what sounds to me as distorted wubs to the foreground. It just shows you how talented Getter is; he brings these unordinary sounds together to make a banger.

“Inhalant Abuse” is out now via Shred Collective on Spotify and iTunes.

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