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Scrolling through the new releases section of Spotify, I came across the song “Wasted Youth,” originally by FLETCHER, yet this was the remixed version by Michael Brun. For some reason, I’ve always been interested in the term ‘wasted youth.’ You try so hard to not waste your teenage years doing nothing but being angry and giving your math teacher a hard time for not teaching you realistic math that you can use in life, but sometimes that fails. However, due to the actual song lyrics, I’m pretty sure this song is more about the stupid mistakes you made as a kid that you can’t really forget all the way. (Don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about, no one had a perfect track in high school)

I was expecting the song to be intense, head banging, with deep bass dropping vibes but it’s surprisingly less intense than I imagined. It’s more subtle and gentle, a song that’ll instantly take you back to your high school days while you’re casually cruising down a street. It’s not a song to party to, or a song that you would find in a Jay Alvarez inspired adventure video. It’s simple, with relaxing vocals and a consistent steady tempo.

If you’re looking for a song along those lines to add to your playlist, I suggest you definitely give Michael Brun’s remix of “Wasted Youth” a listen while scrolling through Tumblr, or while casually stalking an ex’s Instagram page. Either one would do just fine.


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