Aruna, Ferry Corsten, and Gareth Emery are iconic trance artists who created this sweet sounding banger, “Live Forever.”

Aruna is an American singer, songwriter, DJ, producer and pianist. However, she is best known as a vocalist in trance and dance music. Ferry Corsten is a Dutch DJ who is famous for producing pioneer melodic trance tracks. Back in 2012 they both collaborated and released “Live Forever.”  Furthermore, this year the English electronic dance music producer, Gareth Emery, brought this banger back with a fresh remix.

My favorite trance female vocalists of all time, Aruna’s lyrics are about real life, therefore, everyone can relate to them. Normally the beats and sounds are the main focus in trance, while lyrics just follow suit. First and foremost, Aruna tried to refrain from that by writing the most epic lyrics ever. Undoubtfully, she succeeded every time.

With lyrics for this banger, Aruna shows us how precious life is. In the same way, she motivates us to live life to the fullest before it’s gone.

“Turn out the lights
Turn up the bass
I wanna be front and center
Bring on the night
There’s no time to waste
I wanna live forever
Turn out the lights
Turn up the bass
I wanna be front and center
Bring on the night
There’s no time to waste
I’m gonna live forever”

Just like Aruna promises in her lyrics, the force of the sound lifts us up off the ground. Meanwhile, Ferry Corsten and Gareth Emery keep us up in the air with their electronic alternative to trance.

Aruna’s vocals are the heart of Ferry Corsten’s beats. Ultimately, Gareth Emery’s remix is the pump that keeps the flow of this banger alive.

Bangers like this “Live Forever” in our hearts.


Listen to the original version by clicking HERE & My favorite version by clicking HERE

You can follow Aruna, Ferry Corsten, & Gareth Emery on their social links below:

Aruna: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | SoundCloud   

Ferry Corsten: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | SoundCloud

Gareth Emery: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | SoundCloud




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