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Dustycloud is one of my favorite French producers. He is like a well-oiled machine, pushing out bangers after bangers. One of my main inspirations for my own music, he really shaped my sound, my playlist and what I think of Confession label overall.

Even though I am a big fan of Tchami and Malaa, their new label mates are killing the game. Everyone in that label has similar, yet different sound. All their kicks spit fire, but it is their synth lines that change the game.

Dustycloud came out with the “AUSPEX” EP today, and I was really excited to listen to it. With three tracks titled “Omen,” “Last Chance,” and “Bold,” the EP keeps the dark and analog-like feel, in combination with deep vocals and punchy synth lines. Lets break it down one-by-one.


“Omen” is the first track of the EP, and it is there to make you bounce. A banger in my opinion. Sick fills. The bassline and top synth line work really well together. Those finger snaps have such a vintage feel too. However, his bass grabs me in the track. Feels up the space and hits you in the chest. Dustycloud builds energy by keeping his groove, and switching up the feel by layering different sounds on the same melody. If this “Omen” doesn’t touch you in your heart and make you bounce, then I am not sure what will.

“Last Chance”

Dustycloud brought a more mysterious vibe with “Last Chance.” I really wonder where those vocals come from. This track is meant to keep the groove going in his sets (in my opinion). That rolling bass reminds me of Drezo‘s, but it is different at the same time. It has that Dustycloud feel. It is his own sound. You hear it and you know that this French producer spent hours tweaking it to perfection. The atmosphere from these pads make me feel like im in a cave and I am dancing the night away, or a warehouse vibe. Nonetheless, I am digging it.


This was the release I was waiting for. I heard this in one of his mixes. The vocals are the bomb! They get me in the feels. I feel like this is his biggest banger to date and I can not wait to see him live in America (please come visit us!). His signature bass drives the track and the metallic drums move it with their rhythm. All the fills play an important part for the track. It is mysterious, it is groovy, it gets me in the mood to dance. Dustycloud you made it all happen.

I can not wait to listen to what he has next in stock, but at least these three tracks will keep me occupied for a while. Keep Dustycloud in your Soundcloud followers list and you will not be disappointed. He is bringing “the house.”

You can follow Dustycloud on his social links below:

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