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Dr. Fresch, AKA Tony Fresch, has truly made a name for himself in the Los Angeles EDM scene. Dr. Fresch delivers a unique House music sound that incorporates a mix of big basslines, Hip Hop and heavy beats. He has been delivering fresh music for the last 20 years and has been one of the leading forces in the house music realm.

Dr. Fresch‘s deep and groovy house music style has been fully embraced in his new tune “Sick,” which is available on SoundCloud for free listening. This track has a minute-long progression that keeps you on your toes. It then suddenly drops into a subtle deep bass beat and the snippets of female vocals tie the whole theme together. Dr. Fresch has been coming out with some serious bangers, such as “The Hood” and “No Love”. His sound is unlike any other house artist I’ve heard and it never disappoints. If you are a deep house fan and want some clean and heavy bass tracks for the summer, check him out ASAP!

Download this track free here!

You can follow Dr. Fresch on his social links below:

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