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“I Swear” shows a deeper side of the progressive house sound. Dirty South took a new direction towards indie-electronica with ANIMA! and ended up with this edgy sound. The distinctive vocals have a darker club vibe.

The soothing bass mixes perfectly with the light vocals. “I Swear” is a great song to play in the background during a chillout. It could also be a great song to dedicate to a love interest or a friend. You can just lounge together while listening to the relaxing flow of this tune.

Regardless of the dark sound, the vocals make this track a positive one. (But really, it all depends on the way one wants to interpret it.)

When I first heard this track, I had mixed feelings about it because it didn’t grab my attention right away. However, the whole song started to come together for me after I listened to it a couple of times and paid closer attention to the vocals. Once I turned up the volume and heard the unique indie-electronica beat halfway into the track I was hooked. The unique sound made a lot more sense once after I listened to it with a different mindset that suited my mood.

The AnjunaBeats family relates to a wide variety of music that includes a little bit of something for everyone to enjoy. The ambiance of this melody fits perfectly with the sounds that AnjunaDeep has to offer.


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