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Lets make those dancefloors clap with this one! Destructo and Volac, are back at it with a free g-house inspired track for all of you! “What I Got” is the latest collab between Russian duo and the father of HARD events, Gary Richards.

If you are not familiar with any of the artists, Destructo is the king of Holy Ship. He made all these HARD events happen, and he is known for his dancey groove in the studio. With a lot of g-house tracks on his roster, Gary Richards skyrocketed with his shipfam following and the release of his West Coast EP in 2014. His latest endeavor in the dance music industry was the opening of his label, Hits Hard Music, and their recent remix contest on wavo with “Crazy.” I did a little remix for this one if you would like to check it out!

Volac is a breed of its own. The duo started with Cuff and Bunny Tiger records, and released numerous free downloads until they got the recognition they deserved. With a new ep release on Night Bassthe duo is coming to the spotlight stronger than ever. If this house groove is not your cup of tea, I would suggest witnessing it live. They make those floors rattle.

Their latest collab is best of both worlds; fat bassline and pumpy vocals. What makes tracks like these work on the dance floor is the groove and the ability of the producers to change their loop. House can get repetitive, but that is what people like when dancing. They want a catchy and repeating groove, so they can throw their dance moves out. The vocal hook fits great in the break, and it is not too rappy (sometimes Destructo goes a little too rap for my taste, but I bet other people dig it. I prefer his classics like “Technology”).

Check out this banger and snag this free download here:

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