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DeadMau5’s new song, “Polaris,” embodies his style of progressive house music full heartedly. The track is an astounding nine minutes and 45 seconds! Even though Deadmau5 is known for making pretty long songs, I was still surprised by this. “Polaris” has a great build up to it with a memorizing techno head banging background beat. It is one that seems like it will be a club anthem. There is a long wait for the drop but it is well worth it once you get there. “Polaris” will most definitely be a huge hit at any party you throw.

Deadmau5, Joel Thomas Zimmerman, is a DJ / EDM producer from Toronto, Canada. His style is progressive house and he produces many songs for progressive house artists. Progressive house is a style that was cultivated in England around the 1990’s. The style is a subgenre under progressive music.

Deadmau5 is an absolute legend in the EDM scene and has been nominated for 6 Grammy’s for his own songs and for producing other artist’s songs. He is most notably known for his crazy mouse head wear that he wears at every show. He was one of the originators of the head-wear movement, along with notable artists such as MarshmelloBlack Tiger Sex Machine, Daft Punk and CazzetteDeadmau5’s most notable hits include: “Strobe,” “Sofie Needs a Ladder,” “Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff,” “Some Chords” and my personal favorite, “Raise Your Weapon.” The songs all have amazing background techno beats, filthy drops that take you by surprise and beautiful vocals that are so majestic. He is most definitely a legend of the EDM scene and has helped the genre grow into what it is today.

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