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As festival season comes to its dramatic end and we take off our favorite festival clothes to get ready to don our fall clothes with a dismal winter in the near future, we have to look back at all of our friends made and fun we had during the summer. Unless, like myself, you are fortunate enough to live off the Rockies where things don’t really start ‘heating’ up until it starts getting chilly. Though Skylab just finished and Martin Garrix, Krewella and Borgore descended from the Mile High city, we still have a few fest and to look forward to. Safe in Sound is a festival tour that just finished in Chicago earlier this week (Sept 17) but, doesn’t reach Broomfield’s 1st Bank Center until Oct. 3rd. The tour will boast several bust see performers such as, Nero, Zomboy, Bro Safari and Dirtyphonics. The tickets are only $55 for floor, bowl tickets are available for $19.99 but, no one comes to a party to sit down. Tickets are available through

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