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Calvin Harris has declared that all the songs he has prepared for this year are designed to make the listeners feel incredible. He proved himself when “Slide” dropped last month.

We can all agree that there is no way to prepare for what Calvin Harris has in store for us. He always surprises us with his unique sounds, and we cannot fit his style under one genre of music. He takes us on musical journeys from upbeat electro to funky chillout.

This highly anticipated collaboration of Calvin Harris with Frank Ocean and Migos has a very tropical flow to it. All three of the artists mix their vocals together into a refreshing musical cocktail. Ultimately, leaving us with a sweet taste we just can’t get enough of.

“Slide” first grabs our attention with its groovy beat that makes us want to clap our hands to the rhythm. While simultaneously, the funky vibes make our shoulders slide side to side.

In addition, the vocals include hip-hop verses that take us on a soulful journey back in time. Throughout the track, the incorporated sound of an old-school electronic keyboard completes the retro feel.

Furthermore, for anyone looking for a fun way to turn up during a night out, this is a perfect guide to help place a spotlight on just about anything or anyone.

No doubt, it’s only a matter of time before “Slide” becomes a night out theme song.

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