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Buku is back at it again with another dance floor bass track called “We Go.” Not only did he just release a song last month, he has the new banger out for free as well. Buku really appreciates the support of his fans, so “We Go” is just another way of him trying to give his fans more than they expect.


Source: BeUnfolded

First, Buku made sure to test this banger out at a couple of festivals before he actually released it. The crowd response to this track was exceptionally positive, so he decided to make it available as a free download to show the love for his fans.

You can Download “We Go” for FREE by clicking HERE!!!

Buku is on fire with new stuff. In fact, just a few weeks ago he released “Comic Boy.” Who can forget the edgy bass with an interesting story behind it? To fill you in here is a short recap. A young fan from Colorado reached out with a comic and letter for the artist, letting him know that he is Buku’s biggest fan and asked if he would name a tune “Comic Boy.”

Picture of the actual letter:

buku comic

Source: BeUnfolded

In the spirit of giving back to his fans, Buku actually named the track “Comic Boy.”

In the end, Buku is a laid back human being. He started playing drums 19 years ago and along the way, he taught himself to play a number of instruments including guitar, keyboard and bass.

Fun Fact: Buku loves to cook. Therefore, if he’s not mixing tracks, he is mixing stew in the kitchen.

Check out Buku at one of his upcoming shows:

  • Sunset Music Festival (Tampa, FL)
  • Republic w/ Mija (New Orleans, LA)
  • Konnexion Festival (Boise, ID)
  • and more…

You can follow Buku on his social links below:

Facebook |Twitter | Instagram Soundcloud


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