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“Supernatural” by Boombox Cartel & Quix is one of my all time favorites. Everyone from Dj Snake and Skrillex to Party Thieves and Marshmello dropped this song in their sets long before it was even ID’d as a boombox song. The hype was real. Since the first time I heard “Supernatural,” I’ve been hooked. After the song infected my eardrums I instantly went to SoundCloud and Youtube to see if I could find the maker of this song.

With its typical trap/dubstep drum and kick looped in the background and the classic build up, the synth comes hard with a little gap (which makes the anticipation of the build up more intense). Then, since Boombox Cartel uses different kinds of sounds and synths along with beautiful vocals from Anjulie, the second drop comes as more of an electropop vibe rather than a second bass pounding trap vibe. Definitely a #banger!

Out now via Mad Decent and available for download on multiple music services.

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