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Boombox Cartel has been on a fire streak lately; “Alamo” is their third big release after “Jefe” and “Supernatural” which was an absolute banger. Boombox Cartel is another one of those up and coming names that create their own twist when producing hard, trap songs. I know its only a matter of time before their different sounds and songs will be blessing main stages everywhere.

“Alamo” is following in the footsteps of “Supernatural” with beautiful vocals laid in them (which isn’t very common for the usual trap songs). Most of the time it’s Lil Jon or some rapper coming into the studio and saying 4 words before the drop. I think the sweet vocals make the song have way more value than an average trap song. It makes it seem more of a masterpiece; along with the beautiful future bass like build up into the pause creating more anticipation for the drop.

Which brings us to the second drop which is like its own animal, switching it up from the first original drop (which I think shows more creativity). Boombox Cartel didn’t just loop the first drop back over again. When you first hear the song you don’t expect it to be as hard of a trap song as it is. I’m sure we will be hearing this song in sets throughout the festival season.

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