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If you have not yet heard of Bangers Royale, then you should! They are up and coming DJ/producers committed to the best Electro House music. Bangers Royale consists of Italian brothers FLIP-OH (Filippo Goa) and Max Bike. In 2013 their single “Never Look Back” Audio Damage Mix got no.22 on Beatport top 100 Electro House Chart. Since then, their name has been making momentum in the EDM world.

Since the age of 14, EDM has inspired FLIP-OH (Max followed in his brothers steps soon after), to create beats and become a musician. After school, the brothers would spend hours upon hours in the studio creating mixes and producing for other DJs. This time was not wasted, their hard work, effort, and pure talent was realized and in 2011, the duo became Bangers Royale.

Because of their awesome name and amazing sound, EDM Bangers felt as though we had to set up an interview with them. We learned where there name came from, their thoughts on EDM and what it is like working with a sibling.

Read our exclusive interview with Bangers Royale to find out more about the up and coming duo.

  1. Where did the name Bangers Royale come from?

While dancing to our beats a dear friend of ours shouted that “bangers” so much identifies the energy of our tunes that we should include it in our name. For him our DJ Set was literally banging out loud the speakers! We added Royale to it because we only select tunes that are result of a solid production. We select them carefully and don’t just play the top 10 of the charts.

2. What is it like working so closely with your brother? What affect do you think it has had on your music verse partnering with a non-relative?

This is a good one…
Honestly being with my brother is very cool while producing. We share the same background and had the same artistic influence, which formed our taste and style. Selecting sounds and designing synth patches together is a lot of fun. Of course we have a slightly different taste this makes our mixes very fresh and unique. I am more of a classic producer and I tend to listen to our production 50 times before it’s done, whereas my brother is always looking for the next new thing and knows right away if something has potential or not. Sometimes you just have to go with your gut and don’t overthink your work.

3. What is the most enjoyable thing about DJing?

Being able to express yourself through the music while spinning and mixing. We mix with passion. For us every tune has a unique message to deliver, and the right tune can really change the entire vibe of the party.

You could almost say that we “speak” to the crowd through our music selection. The best is when you lower the volume to hear the crowd still following the beats. We love to feel the positive vibes of a reactive crowd!

4. Besides producing and making your own music, what do you guys do for fun in your free time?

We ghost produce, work out, cook with passion, and drink Whiskey when we can!

5. Who are your favorite EDM artists/DJs right now?

We like Eric Prydz, Axwell, Ingrosso, Angello, The Bloody Beatroots and many other true producers and DJs. There are so many new talented producers out there; you just have to pay attention to the production. We are inspired by so much high quality music!

6. Tell me three things you love about EDM, the EDM family, and plur!

The incredible support, passion to share new music, and the speed of how fast new events are born and immediately shared to our community

7. Thinking back to when you were still teenagers with big dreams, did you ever imagine you would be where you are now? What was it like when your first album came out?

No, mainly because the music scene changes so much quickly and has changed so much in the last decade. New media, software and plugins make it so much easier to produce a tune in a shorter period of time, and gives you so many options – it speeds up everything. Today you produce a track and tomorrow you blast it out to thousands of labels and fans.

When our first album came out it was a collection of other artists remixes of our single: “Never Look Back”. The tune was such a success on Beatport that our label decided to release a whole album. For our second album we are focusing on our own productions it’s under “construction”. This summer we met a lot of artists and new musicians that gave us a lot of inspiration and ideas, “Spirit” our new tune will be a part of it.

Our goal is to always stay up to date and continuously improve our production skills, learning new techniques and ways to entertain.

8. What’s next for you guys? Do you have anything in the making?

Yes. We just finished a track called “SPIRIT”, this is an important tune for us because it’ a “transitioning” tune style wise. In fact we are planning to return to more of a house & electro house soulful sound, so this track is a hybrid between genres with a strong house sound.

9. Finally, anything you would like your fans to know?

Our fans should be first of all thanked for the amazing support, then keep staying tuned for new tracks and gigs to come soon



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